FDA drafts mobile medical app regulations

zoharp July 28th, 2011 Posted by Zohar Peretz( ) 510(k), FDA

This morning the US Food and Drug Administration offered up a set of draft guidelines for how it might regulate certain mobile medical apps. While this set of guidelines was years in the making, it became clear a few months ago that the FDA would publish draft guidelines around this time….Read more

About the author, Zohar Peretz

Zohar has 18 years of experience in leading software development products, at leading software companies and startups. Using his vast experience in software development, Zohar has identified the need for a holistic solution for R&D departments, and together with Rami and a small development team, they established Orcanos ALM in 2005.

Since then, Orcanos software has evolved to other domains such as quality control and specific industries, such as medical device.

Zohar holds a BA degree in Industrial Engineering.



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