Orcanos welcomes it’s new customers


Website: https://www.clinicageno.com/

Domain: Medical Device

Clinicageno operates in the diagnostic area. QPack Medical system will be used for the complete product development in a joined project with IS Diagnostic (https://www.isdiagnostics.nl/) and Microbiome (https://www.microbiome.nl/).

QPack will also support a distributed development environment and will serve the R&D team located in India


Airspan Networks

Website: https://www.airspan.com/

Domain: Telecom

Airspan networks chose QPack ALM system to manage the verification and validation


Contex Canada

Website: https://www.contexcanada.com/

Domain: Medical device

Use QPack Medical for full product development – requirements management, risk management, testing and defects



Website: https://www.agrotop.co.il/

Domain: agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction

Use QPack for project and task management, shipment tracking and log management