It’s Spring!  It’s May, which means Tel Aviv summer events start kicking out. This great city where Orcanos is located, brings us all the energy we need to deliver to you those amazing features. We’re all marveling at that big bright yellow sand on the beach, and awaiting a cursory amount of time; before starting to complain about the humidity.

We’ve added a couple of new QPack features over the past month or two.

Product Tree Search.  When your QPack product tree gets crowded with information, or when your wife finds that you spend more time on Whatsapp than with the kids, you may find it difficult to get around.  We can’t help you with your wife, but now you can search your product tree in order to get a summary of all the instances you search for on the product tree, and just jump from one to the other on tree nodes. Each node contains a tooltip summary with everything there is in the node description. This will allow you to not miss a thing, while getting easy access to the data you are looking for.



Live Filtering.  Sometimes you want to find a specific record or file, document, or discussion, and you can’t remember exactly where it’s located.  Now, from the work item bin or any grid result, you can use QPack’s new super speedy online filtering search tool on the column grid, to find an item.  You can even search by file type – if you can only remember that you need to send Tali that perfect .PDF from your technical file you posted a month ago.



At the end of June, Orcanos will host the 4th Orcanos Cafe meet-up at friendly company Flextronics in Migdal Haemek.  We have them at least twice a year, and all of our local customers are invited to journey to the Flextronics plant.  Since most of us QPackers work remotely, it’s always great to see everyone, grab some snake or bear, meet in-person, and remind ourselves that our customer are not only a face in our book.  During the event, we will get a chance to visit one of the most fascinating production lines in the world.
One of the more interesting lectures will be about the use of GE Ultrasound. The GE Ultrasound has an integrated QPack OASIS system, developed as joined product with Polaris Systems, which automatically documents the DHR directly from the production line. This process will be observed in live demos. This will be the place to learn how QPack is used, why QPack is loved, and discover what is expect from QPack, that is not already known. Seeing how QPack is used in the real world is always enlightening, and there are usually discussions that are not only informative, but spark ideas about new features for the future..


This month’s special is Orcanos’ 10th anniversary celebration. We celebrated our small businesses that have endured for years. This month, we show how Orcanoses can think out of the box and come up with solutions that are different from the rest of the market. Additionally, while adopting the theory of the Blue Ocean, we came up with the concept of “There is ALM and there is Orcanos ALM”, which will be written across the width of a set of banners,coupled with stimulating imagery.

There Is ALM - Revolving

Check out our website for more updates on our recent release note and fun features.

Thanks as always for being a friend of Orcanos, and for being a supportive QPack user. I’ll talk with you next month!

Rami Azulay at QPack

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