Orcanos Unveils New Corporate Headquarters

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New Facility Sets Stage for Software Solution Provider’s Future Growth

TEL AVIV CITY —Feb 3, 2019 — Orcanos, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for life science and other regulated companies, today announced it has moved into its new corporate headquarters. The completely renovated space at 24 floors designed by the distinguished architect Ron Arad who was granted the liberty to create an unblended building which is located in the central junction of the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our employees will work in the new building, the new HQ was carefully chosen with longevity in mind. Orcanos foresees future growth that will expand its workforce in Tel Aviv and we selected a location that is accessible to all of Israel citizen with an easy trip by train.

“We are proud to be a Tel Aviv-based company for over 14 years, and when choosing a new office space to accommodate our growth, we wanted a location that offers the best of Tel Aviv, Israel” said Zohar Peretz, CEO of Orcanos. “The urban view from the building to all major sites and its premier location close to downtown Tel Aviv, as well as being just minutes away from some of the finest attractions and outdoor recreation activities in the nation, all to provide an environment that is conducive to innovation. It has nearby amenities to also enable a happy work-life balance, community interaction which is an important part of our company culture.”

In addition to choosing an ideal location for employees, the building features a high-tech modern design, with open floor plans for collaboration. Space features expansive breakrooms that are fully stocked with complimentary food and meeting rooms that are designed to encourage teamwork.

“We provide our employees with the best possible facility for the collaborative and innovative culture that has fueled Orcanos for the past 14 years,” said Rami Azulay Orcanos VP Marketing & Sales.

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About the author, Rami Azulay

Rami has over 24 years of experience in various software development and QA roles. Using his extensive knowledge of operations and quality, Rami was a main architect of the Orcanos software back in 2005 and later became Orcanos VP sales & marketing. Rami holds an MSC degree in Computer Sciences.



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