OrcaMotive ASPICE Event Madrid Spain 2019

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OrcaMotive Event – Madrid Spain 2019

¡Usted está invitado a nuestro evento OrcaMotive! Orcanos es un proveedor líder en el ciclo completo de gestión de cumplimiento para la industria automotriz.

Este evento presenta consejos y tecnología para cumplir con los requisitos de cumplimiento y regulaciones de la industria automotriz. El mismo discutirá cómo actualizar su organización respecto a los requisitos de ASPICE e ISO 26262 utilizando tecnología y herramientas avanzadas.

You are invited to our OrcaMotive FREE event! Orcanos is a leading vendor in the compliance lifecycle management for the Automotive industry.

This event showcases tips and technology to meet the compliance and regulation requirements for the automotive industry. The event will discuss how to bring your organization up to speed with ASPICE and ISO 26262 requirements using advanced technology and tools.


 Wednesday, 17th July 2019 at 13:00 PM

 Paseo de la Castellana 43, 28046, Madrid Spain
Mr. Benny Prujan | Director, Program & Functional Safety Manager |  Valens Semiconductor, Israel

Functional Safety Introduction

Mr. Rami Azulay | Head of Sales and Marketing | Orcanos, Israel

Quality system requirement and implementation for ASPICE compliance requirements

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