Why Automotive Industries Uses Product Innovation Cloud Platforms?

Rami.Azulay January 15th, 2020 Posted by Rami Azulay( ) Requirements Management Tool

Product Innovation Platforms

ALM & QMS Innovation Platform

According to an industry survey, we can define Application and Quality Innovation and Manufacturing Software as a software to support product lifecycle covering the following;

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (IMES)
  • Quality Risk Management (QRM)
  • Computer Requirement Management System (RMS)
  • Training Management System
  • Verification and Validation System (V&V)
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Electronic Device History Records (eDHR)
  • Document Control System (DMS)

Evolution of ALM & QMS Innovation Platforms

It is crucial to understand the development and growth of ALM & QMS solution before exploring cloud opportunities. Thanks to engineering solutions, companies can design innovative products. Also, it is possible to simulate and model manufacturing methods, new materials, systems and any other factor that will aid product prediction and behavioral analysis. Not less important is our we asses those impacts and translate them into the RISK management system and prediction of possible results if we do not address them correctly.

To support programs, products, and processes, automotive engineering tools are fused with process management solutions and data.  With the aid of Orcanos ALM and QMS tools, companies can analyze various support systems on their product from the idea stage to launch.

The Demand for Digital Enterprise

The demand for digital transformation in the manufacturing sector continues to grow. As a result, solutions need to have model-based systems, data-driven design, and integrated engineering.  Similarly, it is crucial that there is overall support in the digital community to embrace various engineering fields so they can collaborate to building a cohesive model when it comes to design.  Furthermore, there has to be secure collaboration on all domains in real-time, anytime and anywhere.

Orcanos ALM and QMS offer a more comprehensive digital solution and solution. It eliminates the problems with the file-base systems and comes with a cloud package.

About the author, Rami Azulay

Rami has over 24 years of experience in various software development and QA roles. Using his extensive knowledge of operations and quality, Rami was a main architect of the Orcanos software back in 2005 and later became Orcanos VP sales & marketing. Rami holds an MSC degree in Computer Sciences.



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