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Are you ready to take the next step to paperless world….

March 15th, 2020 Posted by Requirements Management Tool 0 thoughts on “Are you ready to take the next step to paperless world….”

Who would have think that far…

Already 5 years ago someone tried to spread this idea that our current efforts are not pointing to the right place. He is talking about many important things, there is no one solution for all but it was easy to identify some pitfall on our current state. For over 15 years Orcanos is building solutions around collaboration and speeding up the data process among teams and external organizations. It was already said one of the blockers to the cancer disease if the knowledge that is captured by the paper that can not be processed or analyzed or transferred.

Orcnanos paperless system for both R&D and QMS is just part of the overall solution needed for the fast transfer of data and knowledge between different regulatory bodies and medical device vendors. Our solution already operating in large enterprises such as GE, J&J, and Medtronics as well on many other SMB’s helping them to collaborate across continentals and groups.

It is time to concentrate on the right infrastructure of your organization and equip your team with cloud base tools that are easily accessed to streamline your data.




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