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The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered schools, canceled major events, disrupted travel, and interrupted many business services we take for granted. Orcanos is working tirelessly to provide all the support and resources we can to help our global customers during this difficult time.

Virtual Events

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March 19 (16:00 GMT+2)

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March 23 (16:00 GMT+2)

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March 23 (16:00 GMT+2)

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Zoom Meetings for Medical Device

Zoom Meetings for Automotive

 Best Practice Working from Home using Orcanos

Learn how Orcanos best in class help you stay in touch with your customers and conduct a complete PMS process. Learn how to automate your processes and control and governance your work to comply with the ASPICE process. Join experts from Orcanos to more effectively use technology to work from home.

1 Remote Working

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed many organizations into fully remote operations, but managing the change isn’t always easy. We’re here to help. Orcanos gives the ability to collaborate using the devices you already have, providing a comprehensive resource for anyone working from home.


2 Compliance & Governance

Many quality personal are scrambling to move their audit online as their offices around the world temporarily shut down. We’re making sure quality and regulation engineers, production line, customer service, and employees around the world can spin up remote quality events, participate in online design reviews, and successfully use Orcanos for e-signator approval.

Orcanos is helping by lifting the 40-minute training sessions on customers affected by the coronavirus












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