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admin May 8th, 2020 Posted by Orcanos Team( ) CICD

We are in a process of transitioning our company towards a full automation development process (CICD), and one of the main things was to start using GIT (GitHub), instead of the SVN (SubVersion).

We were amazed how easy the process was, in terms of connecting Orcanos system to the GitHub

We are using Zapier for the integration, but since the API of the systems is simple, you can do it using webservices.

In this article, we will show the steps of connecting both systems.

Check it out:

Step 1: Add CICD section to your defect and task

Step 2: Define integration ZAP from Orcanos to GitHub, for Defect, and for Task

They both act the same. when adding defect or task in Orcanos, it will be added to GitHub as an Issue

Once issue is added – we will update Orcanos with GitHub issue ID and issue URL

Now, the issue is used for working in Github, and Pull Requests will be linked to it, so you can open the Issue URL from Orcanos

And this is the connecting point from Orcanos to GitHub, that’s it

We are working with Visual Studio, so we use the GitHub issue to connect the Push o Orcanos

You can now customize it to your needs, such as adding tag for defect or task indication, we concatenate the item id from Orcanos to the GitHub issue name




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