We’re really excited to announce our coming integration with Zapier, which brings the full power of Orcanos to more than 2000 applications. You will be able to easily link Orcanos work items such as defects, requirements, and tasks to Jira, Google Sheets, Github, Salesforce, Slack, and many other apps, and trigger actions on specific events such as work item update in your Orcanos account, the test fails, new discussion, etc.

No programming skills required!

What is Zapier

Zapier is a popular website that allows you to easily connect two apps (or web services) together and send data between them, by creating some really convenient flow automation, called “zaps”. Zapier currently supports over 750 different web services and apps. You can open a free account to start with, and create your first ZAP within minutes.

Zapier allows you to define actions and triggers.

  • Actions – such as Add/update work item in Orcanos on 3rd party app triggers
  • Triggers – such as work items added or updated in Orcanos will trigger actions on 3r party apps in Zapier

Each integration is called ZAP, and you can define multiple ZAPS.

Zap example: On each bug creation in Orcanos – add a bug in Jira

Orcanos ALM Integration

So, mostly the Orcanos-Zapier ALM integrations will focus on other ALM tools such as Jira, Team Foundation Server, etc.

As Orcanos provides an All-in-one ALM and Quality Management repository, it provides everything for the R&D team. But for those who don’t use Orcanos, the ALM integrating with commonly used tools like Jira makes Orcanos ALM much more powerful. It enables combining regulated tasks related to quality management, electronic signatures, document control, and so on, with non-regulated tasks such as development tasks, Agile SCRUM, etc.

Using this link, https://zapier.com/Try to create Zap Application from the above link and let us know if you need any support to do create your first ZAP.