Airspan Testimonial

Implementing Orcanos at Airspan, and using the system with our teams worldwide was a real game changer for us. The system is very flexible, and supports our entire validation process. Even though our process is quite unique, we were able to adjust Orcanos to all our needs.
Our R&D department is always aligned with the Testing department, using the same structures, and working with the same methodology. Both managers and testers see the whole structure, and are constantly provided with important metadata.
The high level of traceability also gives them the insight they need at any given point, and is a huge time saver.
We also use Orcanos to present our tier 1 customers with the right level of information during our monthly presentations. It gives them a better understanding of the version, and generates confidence in the quality level of Airspan systems.



Another big advantage is, that the system can be viewed in different languages. Our team in Japan for example views the Orcanos QPack in their own language using Google Chrome Translation. This really helps us to overcome any language barriers, and our communication is smooth and easy.



Ariel Kimiagarov
Director of System Verification at Airspan Networks