Orcanos to participate in an Israeli start-up delegation sent to Oracle's OpenWorld conference by the Chief Scientist's Office and Oracle Israel

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Orcanos to participate in an Israeli start-up delegation sent to Oracle’s OpenWorld conference by the Chief Scientist’s Office and Oracle Israel


Assistance provided to the companies in the delegation is on the scale of NIS 2 million – half financed by the Chief Scientist and half by the Oracle Israel Excellence program


This is one of the biggest events in the global high-tech market, and is expected to attract some 50,000 participants


Oracle will go out to the Oracle OpenWorld conference, considered to be one of the biggest and most important events in the global high-tech industry, as part of a delegation of Israeli start-ups supported and funded by the Chief Scientist’s Office in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment in cooperation with Oracle Israel’s Excellence Center program. The conference, which is expected to take place between September 21 – 25 in San Francisco, USA, attracts some 50,000 people each year, among them the top echelons of the largest computing companies in the world.


The companies in the delegation will present their products under one roof, in the stand set up at the exhibition by the Tnufa program at the Chief Scientist’s Office. Israel will thus be the only country at the event with a joint display of blue-and-white technologies at this huge conference. Overall assistance to the companies in the delegation is estimated at NIS 2 million, half provided by the Chief Scientist and half by Oracle Israel.

The start-ups exhibiting in the stand are: Orcanos, Ransys, dbMaestro and GPV – all IT companies giving added value to Oracle products, and therefore seeing Oracle users as the main market for their products. Orcanos develops solutions for managing software development processes; dbMaestro supplies database solutions; Ransys develops survey feedback and management solutions; and GPV develops solutions for identification, solution planning, control and management of business risks.

These companies are part of the Oracle Excellence Center, established by Oracle Israel with the aim of increasing support and assistance to Israeli start-ups.

According to Yaacov Fisher, head of the Tnufa program at the Chief Scientist’s Office, who is responsible for the delegation, the innovative collaboration developed at the initiative of the current Chief Scientist, Dr. Eli Ofer, was first exhibited to Oracle customers at last year’s OpenWorld conference, and attracted considerable interest. This year Tnufa is revealing four ventures that have matured sufficiently to be presented at the prestigious conference. Fisher expressed the hope that the collaboration with Oracle, which has so far given birth to 15 joint developments, will continue to gain momentum and produce new ventures.


Rami Azulai, VP marketing and sales at Orcanos, said that “participation in the Israeli delegation is a source of great pride to us, showing recognition of our capabilities and the future of the company. This event will enable us to show off our module, which is adapted to suit people developing software in an Oracle environment and will provide them with an essential tool for significantly streamlining time and resources in the development process and shortening their time to  market.  Our close collaboration with a giant company like Oracle allows us to bridge the technological gaps and achieve a greater marketing spread for Orcanos’ activities, as part of our business strategy.”


Orcanos will present a new and unique module, enabling organizations to track the stages of project development and management in Oracle-based BI environments.  The new module has been developed using the new version of the Orcanos QPack5.0 system, based on the ALM (application life management) approach. The software allows organizations to follow up and control all stages of projects, immediately and in real time, and interfaces with the Oracle BI solution. Integration between the systems is carried out by means of Siebel Analytics infrastructures, in which hundreds of thousands of dollars  have been invested.

Incredimail Purchase Orcanos ALM2 solution

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Orcanos Implements QPack ALM 2.0 solution for Application Lifecycle Management’ in Incredimail (NASDAQ: MAIL)

Incredimail, a software company specializing in consumer products and services on the Internet, has purchased from Orcanos a license for the QPack system for Application Lifecycle Management to assist in the development and delivery of IncrediMail?’s suite of software products. IncrediMail Expands the Offering of QPack system to companies who provide software products and web services to the Internet consumer market.

Under the terms of the agreement, IncrediMail is granted a site license to use the QPack system for all its employees. “We have chosen the QPack system because we believe that it provides a comprehensive solution for managing our products development process in one integrated tool, with its intuitive user interface and reporting capabilities.

We expect the QPack solution to further enhance our ability to develop products and services for our users.” said Gil Pry-Dvash, CTO at IncrediMail.

IncrediMail designs and markets an integrated suite of customized and entertaining email software products for the consumer market, offering users the ability to design highly personalized email presentations with its large collection of multimedia content for email communication.

IncrediMail’s products include: IncrediMail Xe, which allows users to personalize email messages with creative features and is offered free of charge; IncrediMail Premium, an enhanced version of IncrediMail Xe; IncrediMail Letter Creator, which enables further personalization of backgrounds; The Gold Gallery, a content database of additional backgrounds, animation and notifies; JunkFilter Plus, an anti-spam solution; and the recently introduced Magentic, a solution offering desktop Wallpapers and Screensavers. IncrediMail generates revenue by the sale of these products and services; licensing and co-branding the Incredible brand to operators of third party websites; and selling paid to advertise and sponsored links on its website and email client.

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