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May News Letter

May 19th, 2015 Posted by Company, Company News, Events, Orcanos Cafe 0 thoughts on “May News Letter”


It’s Spring!  It’s May, which means Tel Aviv summer events start kicking out. This great city where Orcanos is located, brings us all the energy we need to deliver to you those amazing features. We’re all marveling at that big bright yellow sand on the beach, and awaiting a cursory amount of time; before starting to complain about the humidity.

We’ve added a couple of new QPack features over the past month or two.

Product Tree Search.  When your QPack product tree gets crowded with information, or when your wife finds that you spend more time on Whatsapp than with the kids, you may find it difficult to get around.  We can’t help you with your wife, but now you can search your product tree in order to get a summary of all the instances you search for on the product tree, and just jump from one to the other on tree nodes. Each node contains a tooltip summary with everything there is in the node description. This will allow you to not miss a thing, while getting easy access to the data you are looking for.



Live Filtering.  Sometimes you want to find a specific record or file, document, or discussion, and you can’t remember exactly where it’s located.  Now, from the work item bin or any grid result, you can use QPack’s new super speedy online filtering search tool on the column grid, to find an item.  You can even search by file type – if you can only remember that you need to send Tali that perfect .PDF from your technical file you posted a month ago.



At the end of June, Orcanos will host the 4th Orcanos Cafe meet-up at friendly company Flextronics in Migdal Haemek.  We have them at least twice a year, and all of our local customers are invited to journey to the Flextronics plant.  Since most of us QPackers work remotely, it’s always great to see everyone, grab some snake or bear, meet in-person, and remind ourselves that our customer are not only a face in our book.  During the event, we will get a chance to visit one of the most fascinating production lines in the world.
One of the more interesting lectures will be about the use of GE Ultrasound. The GE Ultrasound has an integrated QPack OASIS system, developed as joined product with Polaris Systems, which automatically documents the DHR directly from the production line. This process will be observed in live demos. This will be the place to learn how QPack is used, why QPack is loved, and discover what is expect from QPack, that is not already known. Seeing how QPack is used in the real world is always enlightening, and there are usually discussions that are not only informative, but spark ideas about new features for the future..


This month’s special is Orcanos’ 10th anniversary celebration. We celebrated our small businesses that have endured for years. This month, we show how Orcanoses can think out of the box and come up with solutions that are different from the rest of the market. Additionally, while adopting the theory of the Blue Ocean, we came up with the concept of “There is ALM and there is Orcanos ALM”, which will be written across the width of a set of banners,coupled with stimulating imagery.

There Is ALM - Revolving

Check out our website for more updates on our recent release note and fun features.

Thanks as always for being a friend of Orcanos, and for being a supportive QPack user. I’ll talk with you next month!

Rami Azulay at QPack

Orcanos welcomes it’s new customers

October 7th, 2014 Posted by Company, Company News 0 thoughts on “Orcanos welcomes it’s new customers”



Domain: Medical Device

Clinicageno operates in the diagnostic area. QPack Medical system will be used for the complete product development in a joined project with IS Diagnostic ( and Microbiome (

QPack will also support a distributed development environment and will serve the R&D team located in India


Airspan Networks


Domain: Telecom

Airspan networks chose QPack ALM system to manage the verification and validation


Contex Canada


Domain: Medical device

Use QPack Medical for full product development – requirements management, risk management, testing and defects




Domain: agricultural and industrial pre-fabricated construction

Use QPack for project and task management, shipment tracking and log management

Orcanos Delivers Cloud Application Services on Windows Azure

June 28th, 2014 Posted by ALM 2.0, Company, Company News, Events 0 thoughts on “Orcanos Delivers Cloud Application Services on Windows Azure”


  • Orcanos Services to provide QPack ALM application services and workload solutions on the Windows Azure platform

  • Collaboration with Windows Azure design, delivery and management services for customers

Orcanos Services today announced that it will provide its customers a complete portfolio of services and solutions to enable development and management of applications lifecycle onto the Windows Azure platform. This collaboration expands Orcanos comprehensive suite of application services to include the leading cloud application platform from Microsoft.

Customers can now work with Orcanos as a single point of contact for design, delivery and ongoing management of applications lifecycle hosted in the cloud on Windows Azure. This will make it quicker and easier for them to adopt Windows Azure and drive benefits such as increased speed-to-market and agility, better collaboration across organizational boundaries, more modernized application portfolios and a greater ability to manage variable demand capacity needs.

With Windows Azure, Microsoft provides fully supported infrastructure and platform services offerings, spanning a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution that integrates existing IT infrastructure with the latest cloud technology.


Rami Azulay, vice president of sales and marketing and global head, Strategy and Business Innovation Services, Orcanos Services, said “This collaboration on Windows Azure is one of the many recent strategic efforts between Microsoft and Orcanos Services. Together, Orcanos and Microsoft will leverage the Windows Azure platform to deliver cloud application development services based on enterprise-class solutions powered by Microsoft technology.”

“Windows Azure helps customers use cloud technology in the way that best serves their unique needs,” said Zohar Peretz, CEO of Orcanos,. “We are excited to work with Microsoft Azure platform to help our customers take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiencies afforded by Windows Azure.”


About Orcanos

Orcanos Ltd. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. Orcanos Services develops and delivers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions in applications, business process, consulting, infrastructure and support to help customers succeed.

Orcanos is a trademark of Orcanos Ltd. Orcanos disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

Congratulations to Argo Medical: received FDA approval in the REWALK using QPack system to produce documents submission

June 28th, 2014 Posted by ALM 2.0, Company, Company News, Customers, FDA, IEC 62304, ISO 13485 0 thoughts on “Congratulations to Argo Medical: received FDA approval in the REWALK using QPack system to produce documents submission”

system allows paralyzed to stand and walk independently; Approval is expected to help the company realize its plans to go public or be sold at a high price

Argo Medical Corporation announced today (Friday) on receiving FDA approval for company’s REWALK system which allows paralyzed to go with it. Certification will be conducted with the help paralyzed in their homes, which until now have only been able rehabilitation centers. According to estimates, is expected to help the company realize certificate programs to its issuance, or alternatively to be sold at a high price. The submission process led the Israeli team in collaboration with the American team using Orcanos QPack medical manages the production of all documents, including changes in content in software validation documents along with Traceability tables automatically generated with non-contact person.

עמית גופר

Amit Goffer

Last March revealed “Kalkalist” Argo Medical intention to go public on NASDAQ at a value of $ 250 million – the value may even be higher if the company will issue shortly.

QPack Medical System is a system for managing development processes and quality for companies and manufacturers of Medical Equipment, containing the largest number of processes in one system integratively. Recently Orcanos released the seventh generation of the system and added two primary processes in Medical device product quality system. One document management system that includes electronic signatures subject to the conditions of 21 CFR Part 11 and the other, customer complaints management system in accordance with ISO 13485 section 4.2. These additions allows Orcanos SMB market also to handle the development of small firms in relation to changes in the process of quality. Also Orcanos added a new key component that enables us to work with external subcontractors and document changes QPack Web which saves time synchronization.

Download QPack cloud system:

Check out “QPack ALM

company, located in Yokneam, founded by Dr. Amit Goffer, four limbs paralyzed himself . The company, established in 2001, currently employs 50 employees in Israel and around the world. The system developed has received numerous awards and was shown at various events over the years, including President Barack Obama during his visit to the country.

Japanese Yaskawa Corporation (YASKAWA Electric) is considered a leading candidate to buy the company. Last year Argo Medical signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the corporation, which invested $ 10 million in the company, and signed her exclusive distribution agreement in Japan and China and the creation of customer service in Singapore, Thailand, Btayewan and South Korea. With investors include Life Sciences Fund also VitaLife Foundation, nitroprusside and Pontifax Fund.

According to reports, Argo has about 30 centers in the world who offer the system, and 200 who were trained to be assisted paralyzed her.

ReWalk is an exoskeleton suit that enables people with disabilities and lower limbs paralyzed stand and walk independently without assistance. Exoskeleton suit battery operated daily prolonged use, allowing the user convenience without having to recharge. ReWalk system is controlled by a computer and motion sensors, and controls movement through subtle changes in center of gravity, mimics natural gait and walking speed provides functional.



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