ALM for High-tech

Orcanos ALM Solution

Orcanos provides an integrated software solution for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Orcanos’ innovative approach to the software delivery process enables companies to support development processes and working methodologies at all levels. Until now, each aspect of ALM used to have separated tools and processes. Orcanos’ QPack ALM 2.0 solution focuses on capturing the complete development process. From product concept to strategy, planning to implementation, and verification and delivery – The QPack ALM end-to-end solution enables companies to empower their employees, by significantly improving their projects’ objectives, thus generating cost savings and reducing time-to-market.

Fast ROI – implementing QPack Medical will add typically 3-4% to your production budget on the first year but our case studies show that from year two, our customers are reporting above 40% of efficiency increase and cost reduction for the administration of the development, risk and V&V processes.

Orcanos ALM Main Modules

  • Requirements management
  • Test management including test plan, test case design and test execution.
  • Defect tracking