Kornit Digital


Kornit Implements Orcanos ALM Solution

“Today, all Kornit software projects are managed through the QPack solution and we hope to expand the use of QPack to other elements of development”.
Shay Ben Artsy, Quality Manager at Kornit Digital

Business Challenge
Customer: Kornit Digital
Country: Israel
Industry: Digital Printing
Kornit Digital develops, manufactures and markets industrial and commercial printing solutions for the garment, apparel and fabric industry. Leading the digital textile printing industry with its integrated pre-treatment solution and its CMYK inks, Kornit Digital directly caters to the needs of both designers and manufacturers.
Founded by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the digital printing industry and based on ground-breaking proprietary technology, Kornit Digital introduced the Kornit line of high-speed DTG printers, known as the first industrial digital printers offering direct-on-garment printing.

And now, with its immense experience in the direct-to-garment printing industry, Kornit Digital has begun revolutionizing the roll fabric industry by enabling printing with one ink set on all types of fabrics.


Business Challenge
Since its creation as a startup, Kornit Digital had been using such manual tools as emails, Excels & MS-Word to manage its application lifecycles. This work method, using different data sources, has led to additional and un-necessary work modification and has increased inconsistencies in the development process. At the same time, this work method lacks the complete project view and hampers the creation of cross-departments reports.

“As part of Kornit’s efforts to understand how to improve the quality of its products, it became obvious that we needed a better way of handling the QA processes, in order to improve our product’s life-cycle management and to achieve better integration between projects”, explained Shay Ben Artsy, Quality Manager at Kornit Digital. “This led us to begin looking for a single application that would help us achieve these goals. After examining several ALM and bug-tracing applications, we decided to implement the QPack solution”.

Project description
Kornit and Orcanos established a team headed by Zohar Perez from Orcanos and Shay Ben Artsy from Kornit and backed by representatives from other Kornit departments. This team defined and analyzed the current situation and the need to develop processes that will create a correlation between the actual development processes and its reflection on the QPack solution.

Among the issues that were analyzed and defined were:

  • High Level requests for improvement or new features
  • High level requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Test plans
  • Test designs
  • Defect tracking
  • Traceability issues
  • Documents

“After completing the configuration of the QPack application, based on the team’s definitions, we started a pilot on one of Kornit’s projects, in order to improve the solution and to have better and more mature solution for other Kornit projects”, Ben Artsy continued. “Today, all Kornit software projects are managed through the QPack solution and we hope to expand the use of QPack to other elements of development”

Key benefits and Results
After more than a year of working with QPack, Kornit has achieved the following:

  • All software projects are managed through a central repository
  • Ability to rapidly generate project management views
  • Ability to easily generate reports and work plans (bug reports, weekly plans, etc.)
  • Better flow of information, across projects and teams
  • Better and more professional QA