Orcanos ALM Software System

Manage all your ALM related items from documents such as MRD, Phase SRS, Feature / Functional SRS, ATP / ATS in one database.

Advantages are many such as:

  • Full Traceability and Coverage matrix
  • Manage related tasks, defects, meetings, codes, test execution results
  • Easily manage versions
  • Immediate view of direct impact of any requirement or defect
  • Plan, analyze and estimate effort
  • Never have outdated documents and orphaned features
  • Create a fresh set of updated document suite with a click of a button

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Requirements Management

Orcanos ALM Requirements Management tool allows you to plan, approve, trace and validate requirements, manage any audit, compliance or regulatory and integrate to your office environment.

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Test Management

Orcanos Testing-Suite for test management provides all you need for your verification and validation processes. Operates over Orcanos ALM central repository, Orcanos Test Management Tool allows efficient test management, tracking, and monitoring of test results, and generate your documents, such as Test Design and Test Results into Word, PDF, Excel and more.

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Defect Tracking

Orcanos Defect Tracking system allows all project participants to easily submit, query, update, and report defects, where every single defect can be reported under specific requirements – guaranteeing better traceability.

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Customer Testimonials

ORCANOS Medical ALM Solution provided a platform to easily deal with complexities entailed in capturing and managing of Product Requirements (System, Software, Hardware, Mechanical, etc) , Risks Management and Traceability in a highly regulated environment

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Traceability from the cradle to the grave is the key to quality in our development of the most advanced Oncotherapy’s……..ORCANOS serves us this tracking ability and gives us high flexibility, comprehensive reports and good office collaboration world wide on top of our existing disjoint systems. This enables us at the AVO-ADAM to live our workflow

Orcanos Medical™, an ALM 2.0 tool for the Medical Device plays a major role for every regulated organization that is going through an audit for any notified body. Acting as single repository for all traceability artifact within the DHF/Technical File, warranting the success of any audit

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