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Using QPack Complaint Management System helps you manage all those challenges for your medical device project, and support the ISO 13485, particularly in the areas of complaint handling, and labeling control. QPack Medical integrates its Complaint Management System tool in the application lifecycle management, thus creating a streamline flow of information, tracing all artifacts together in a coherent way, such as Customer complaint-> CAPA-> ECO->Risk, etc.


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QPack Service Center is a web-based service center that reduces customer service workload, thus assures faster and quality service. QPack Service Center is the nerve center of all the service support processes. It allows logging and monitoring service calls, Provide advance communication tools, and process automation tools such as dynamic workflows QPack provides you with the ability to organize, prioritize, track and resolve tickets more efficient efficiently and from one location.

Tsvika Fridman – Customer Service Manager at Real Imaging

Better service starts with better communication

With QPack Service Center you get to keep track of the Online-chat conversations which are logged into QPack database, thus allows you to know who else has been working on a ticket and what are the decisions made.

Service call Workflow and process automation

QPack lets you track the lifecycle of a ticket, from the moment it is created, through resolution and closure. Using a dynamic workflow, you can define the lifecycle of a ticket, auto assignment to an agent on each phase, and trigger email notifications both for customers and company stakeholders

Better tracking with Orcanos dashboard

QPack provides dynamic filters creation tool and personal dashboard that help you review service calls from a specific site or customer, including integration to Google map that allows you locate the best agent to handle specific cases.

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