Adding Signer to the Routing Process

This options allows you to add approvers and reviewers to the routing process.

To add a signer

1.  Click the routing_process_details icon corresponding to the process to view the details. The following page is displayed.


2.  Click Add Signer. The following popup window is displayed.


3.  Select the type of signer from the Signer Type dropdown list.

4.  Select the name of the signer from the Signer Name dropdown list.

5.  Select the role of the signer from the Quality Role dropdown list.

6.  Selecting the Mandatory checkbox to make the signer mandatory.

7.  Select the alternate signer if required from the Alternate Signer Name field.

8.  Select the required signing order.

  • After Previous – Alternate signer is required to sign/review after the first signer signs/reviews.
  • With Previous –  Either the signer or the alternate signer can sign/review.

9.  Click Save. The signer is displayed as shown.


Modifying the Signer Details

1.  Click the edit_routing icon corresponding to the signer to be modified. The following page is displayed.


2.  Modify the required details and click Save.

Deleting the Signer

1.  Click the disable_process icon corresponding to the signer to be deleted.

Rearranging the signer

1.  Click the signer_moveup or signer_movedown icon to rearrange the signer order.

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