Apps & Add-Ons

This section provides the users with links to download the following Qpack Addons:

QPack Desktop Client – Only for On-Premises!

1.  Go to Admin > Apps & Add-Ons > QPack Desktop Client. The following popup window is displayed.


2.  Select the required location and click Save to save the .exe file.

QPack Source Control Plugin (SVN/TFS)

1.  Go to Admin > Apps & Add-Ons > QPack Source Control Plugin. The following popup window is displayed.


2.  Select the required location and click Save to save the .exe file.

QPack Migration Tool

QPackMigrator allows you to import and sync data from Excel/XML.

1.  Go to Admin > Apps & Add-Ons > QPack Migration Tool.





Click on QPack Migration Tool. The following popup window is displayed.


2.  Select the required location and click Save to save the .exe file.

QPackMigrator is installed under c:\program files (x86)\qpack\QPack Migrator

3.  Make sure you have write permissions to this folder.

4.  Open the file QPackMigrator.exe.config and change the web service URL to your account URL (

5.  Save the file

Instructions for use are described in QPackMigratorUserManual.pdf under the installed folder

If you wish to import test cases, use this Excel template:

QPack Docgen for Document Generaiton

This addon allows generating HTML, PDF or Word documents from QPack database

In order to install add-in:

1.  Goto Admin

2.  Click on “QPack Docgen Setup” link under “Apps & Add-Ons

3.  A setup file is downloade. It is recommended to run setup using “Run as administrator” option.

4.  QPack Docgen is installed on ~\program files (x86)\QPackClient\QPackDocGen.exe

5.  Run (sometimes it is also required to run QPackDocGen.exe as administrator)

6.  A settings screen opens. Fill in the following details:


  • Server name:
  • Check the “Use different IIS directory” checkbox and put the account name (appears in your account url, for example – you need to put orcanos)
  • Check the option “Use HTTPS
  • Click “Save“. Screen should be filled with connection details
  • Click Close

7.  Docgen screen opens. Now you can connect and generate documents

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