Validation Report


Sometimes it’s necessary to view test results of related test cases in the scope of specific executions.

The Validation dashboard panel allows to view verification status (PASS/FAIL etc.) of specific items related to test case executions


  • Select the Dashboard on the main menu to enter the Dashboard.
  • Click the Red PLUS button on the bottom right to add a new History Report Panel
  • Select a Project, Work item, View. If the user selects a Software Requirement work item, the system will show the related/linked test cases results in the selected execution sets.
  • Execution Set/Group 1-3: Select the execution set/groups for which executions for linked test cases gets displayed
  • Select Size and press Save.

The Panel displays the same columns as that of view selected. The Selected Execution Set/Group columns are listed at the end.

In case the related test cases are added and executed in selected Execution set/Group, the execution results as No Run, Pass, Fail,.. are displayed. In case the related test cases are not added in selected Execution set/Group, the cell data will be BLANK


  • Refresh – Refresh the data displayed
  • Edit – Edits the Panel details
  • Edit Filter: Edit the filter associated with the Validation Panel
  • Excel Export Current Page: Export the Current Page details in .xlsx format
  • Excel Export Entire Result Set: Export all the Details in .xlsx format
  • Full Screen – show the Panel in a different window in full-size
  • Remove – Removes the panel from the dashboard, but not deleting it

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