E-Records Signature


Applying Electronic Record Signature (Routing Process) to work item transition, enforces users to go through the Routing Process in order to change Item status in a specific transition, for example from “In Review” to “Approved“. In that case, the status will be changed automatically after completing the related routing process.

Orcanos electronic signature mechanism complies with 21 CFR Part 11


  • Select the Admin > Electronic Signature > E-Records Signature.
  • Electronically Records Signature Setup page is displayed
  • Click on RED PLUS Icon to add new E-Records Signature
  • Manage E-Sign pop-up is displayed with the Following Fields
    • Project: Select the required project from the Project dropdown list.
    • Item Type: Select the required item type from the Item Type dropdown list.
    • Status: Select the specific status transition from the Status dropdown list.
    • Process: Select the process from the Process dropdown list. This means when the work item status reaches this specific status, The E-Sign routing process is required to start in order to move to the next status. Only the Active Process are listed.
    • Press the Save and create the E-Record Signature.

E-Records Signature is not applicable for DMS Items


Routing Process

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