Electronic Signature And Routing Process Definitions

Creating a New Process

1.  Open Admin and select Routing Process from Electronic Signature section.

2.  Click Routing Process. The current routing processes list is displayed.

3.  Click Add Routing. The “Add Routing Process” window is displayed.

4.  Enter the name of the process in the Process Name field.

5.  Enter the description of the process in the Process Description field.

6.  Enter the duration of the entire process in the Process Duration (Days) field. Duration refers to the number of days measured from the start to the end of the routing process.

7.  Enter the email address of the users to be notified on the process in the Distribution List field. These users receive emails when the process is either completed or when the process is rejected/ cancelled.

8.  Click Save. The process is created and is displayed in the Routing screen.

Note: The routing process cannot be deleted if there are documents attached to the routing process.

Modifying the Process

1.  From the Routing screen, click the EDIT icon corresponding to the routing process to be modified. The “Manage Process” window is displayed.

2.  Modify the required information.

3.  Click Save.

Enable/Disable the Process

1.  To enable a disabled process, click the ENABLE icon corresponding to the process to be enabled.

2.  To disable the process, click the DISABLE icon corresponding to the process to be disabled.

View Process Details/ Add Signer

1.  Click the VIEW icon corresponding to the process to view the details. The signers page is displayed.


1.  Click the VIEW icon corresponding to the process to view the details. The signers page is displayed.

2.  Click Add Signer. The “Add signer” popup window is displayed.

3.  Select the type of signer from the Signer Type dropdown list. You have 3 options:

  • User – named/dynamic user
  • Select a group – any user from the selected group can sign

4.  Select the name of the signer from the Signer Name dropdown list.

  • Select specific user
  • Select Dynamic user (Assignee, Creator, Approver, Or Owner), that will be filled once item is start routing
  • Select group name (if group was selected previously)

5.  Select the role of the signer from the Quality Role dropdown list.

6.  Selecting the Mandatory checkbox to make the signer mandatory.

7.  Select the alternate signer if required from the Alternate Signer Name field.

8.  Select the required signing order.

  • After Previous – signer can sign after the previous signer signs.
  • With Previous –  signer can sign simultaneously with previous signer.

9.  Click Save.


1.  Click the EDIT icon corresponding to the signer to be modified.

2.  Modify the required details and click Save.


1.  Click the UP/DOWN icon to rearrange the signer order.

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