Generate Risk Management File


In this tutorial we will do the followings:

  1. Embed View as dynamic filter in Risk management File
  2. Download and install Document Generator
  3. Generate risk management file to MSWord

Open risk management file in Product Tree

Select the FMEA paragraph, in which you are going to put your FMEA table (in our example its FMEA Risk Table)

Click on “Edit” button of the paragraph description in order to open description in edit mode

Click “Embed Views” button on the description editor toolbar

In the pop-up screen, “Risk” and “FMEA Risk Summary Report” filter

Now you can see the view name in the description area.

Note: this filter contains the attributes that you ssh to include in the FMEA table to be generated on your risk management file.

See how to create filters

Click Save


Right-click the risk management file document in the product tree, and select “Export to Word”

On the input screen, in the work items selection, uncheck the “Select all” checkbox, and then select the “Heading” work item in the list. This si because we don’t want to see the risks as headings in the generated document, but show the dynamic filter instead

Setup other properties as needed, it is recommended to use “Landscape” mode

Click the “Generate” button at the bottom of the screen

The document is generated


Scroll to the FMEA table:


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