Generating Risk Management File with QPack Docgen (Document Generator)

In this tutorial we will do the followings:

  1. Open risk management file in QPack Product Tree
  2. Embed View as dynamic filter in Risk management File
  3. Download and install QPack Docgen
  4. Generate risk management file to MSWord

Open risk management file in QPack Product Tree


Select the FMEA paragraph, in which you are going to put your FMEA table

Click on “Edit” hyperlink in the description area of the paragraph, and then click on the “Embed Views/Fields” hyperlink

In the popup screen, select “Views”, “Risk” and “FMEA List” or any other view you have created


Now you can see the view name in the description area. Click Save


Now, install the QPack Docgen (see here)

Open QPack Docgen, and login


Uncheck the “Select all” checkbox, and then select the “Paragraph” work item in the list


Select the document you want to generate. Click OK. Click “Yes” for the popup screen asking about document name


Select “Document Properties” tab and check the “Landscape” option


Click “Generate” button at the bottom of the screen

The document is generated


Scroll to the FMEA table:


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