History Based report

[Available on 4.0 release]


The history based report allows you to build reports based on status and history, for a specific period. You can track up to 4 statuses

You can build a report that shows for specific work item how many items were in a specific status. For example, you can build a line report to track software requirements Open vs Done for each quarter since 2014:

To build history report:

  • Add new dashboard panel of type History Report

  • Fill the followings:

Report name – custom name

Project – project or solution

Work Item – the work item to track

Chart type – Line, Bar or Stack

Aggregate – select the aggregation type (daily/weekly/quarterly, yearly)

Accumulate – makes the chart trend (accumulated)

Status 1-4 – you can show up to 4 statuses on the same chart

Start/End date – the period to track

Now select size, color palette and the private indication


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