Import from MSWord to Orcanos ALM


This feature allows you to import an entire word document into Orcanos ALM repository, in a hierarchic way, so the structure in Orcanos will be like the document table of content

To import a Word document, the document shall be hierarchically structured with headings, which will be the base for the hierarchy

How to use Word Import tool
  • Open Product Tree
  • right click on the item under which you wish to add the document

Note: Make sure that a work item of type “Doc” can be added under the selected parent (in admin->hierarchy settings)

Make sure you have the permissions to add Document work item

  • The system opens a dialog where you need to select a file of type *.Docx
  • Click Import

The entire document will be added hierarchically based on the HEADING style in your document

All headings will be converted to Heading. You then need to convert the specific headings that are requirements using the Orcanos Convert capability

Some notes and constraints
Topic Problem Description Resolution
Duplicate Item Name In the case under same parent, an item created with the same name the system will abort the import process.
  1. change the item name to be unique
  2. in some cases, there is a misuse of the office heading and text lines starting with the same string are given Heading #. Try to change the style from heading to normal. Item of type Document is created as the root document
No proper headings Document does not contain headings and gets the error Please add heading tags to the document and try again. And if the document has heading tags then set Encoding to the Unicode in Web options.” while importing the document.
  1. All document paragraph (heading style) are added hierarchically under the root document based on the HEADING level. So, if your document does not contain headings you will need to format the document style to include headings.
  2. Save the Document with the Unicode Encoding. For more details, refer
 Track Changes Imported document cant be in tracking mode, nor have changes which are still not accepted/rejected Accept all changes before import
 No Document Title Unable to import the document Make sure your document has Title
Orcanos outcome Missing images As for build, images are not imported, and numbering becomes bullets, objects are not imported and could be some more unsupported styles, so some work might need to be done on the imported document

Best Practice

  • Since all paragraphs are added as “Heading” work item in Orcanos, you need now to convert the specific paragraphs to the specific work item you need, i.e. if you have imported SRS, you would need to select the headings that represent software requirements and convert them to a software requirement work item in Orcanos
  • There is no sync capability – this feature only supports import and not update

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