Online Document Generator (Export to Word document)

Available in Orcanos 4.0

Ability to generate documents from Orcanos web


1.  Select document on product tree

2.  Right click, and select “Export To Word Document” Option

3.  On the Document configuration screen, select the Docgen configuration

4.  Update your settings:

Word Template (.dotx)Select Word template, or upload your template. To upload a new template, download existing template and then make necessary changes in the template, save and upload it.


  • Item – Select the document (or any other node) to generate
  • Revision – Select a previously created tag, the default is Head (Current)
  • Work Items – Select work items type to print
  • Print Levels – Select the tree heading level (1-8)


  • Override Item Description Font – Select a font to override existing paragraph’s font
    • Font
    • Font Size
  • Space between Paragraphs – Space between each printed work item
  • Orientation – Portrait/Landscape
  • Section direction – RTL/LTR, default is LTR
  • Allow Row to Break Across Pages – Insert page breaks in the generated file
  • Adjust images to cell width – Images should be auto adjusted in the table cell


  • Dynamic Table Header Font – Display the header font of tables
  • Dynamic Table Header Font Size – Display the header font size of tables
  • Dynamic Table Font – Display the font of table content
  • Dynamic Table Font Size – Display the font size of table content


  • Print Item Key On Header – Print Item key on printed item heading (name)
  • Don’t Print Paragraph Key – Does not Print key for Paragraphs when checked
  • Include Original ID in case of branch – Display original id of branched work item when checked
  • Include attachments – Print Work Item attachments
  • Show Download Attachment button in Generated Document – Print download button for Attachments/URL.


  • Include Table of content – Add TOC at the beginning
  • TOC level – Set level of TOC


  • Include Test Steps – Print Steps of the Test Cases
  • Include test case results
    • Last Run Status – Print last run status in test result
    • Last Run By – Print name of the person who last executed the test
    • Last Run Version – Print version in which test case was last executed
    • Last Run Date – Print date on which last run done
  • Execution Set – Print test case details for the selected execution set 
  • Include run parameters – Print run parameter info for last execution run
  • Include Test Steps – Print steps mentioned in test case
  • Steps settings 
    • ID – Print Step ID. Read only, can adjust display width
    • Description – Print Steps Description. Read only, can adjust display width
    • Expected Results – Print Executed Result. Read only, can adjust display width
    • Lower Limit – Print lower limit as mentioned in steps
    • Upper Limit – Print upper limit as mentioned in steps
    • Actual Results – Print Actual Result, can adjust display width
    • Last Run Status – Print Execution Run status, can adjust display width
    • Last Run By – Print name of the person who exceuted the test, can adjust display width
    • Last Run Version – Print Run version, can adjust display width
    • Last Run Date – Print Run date, can adjust display width
  • Make run values empty – Does not print data in the Step settings column although it has data recorded.

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