Online Document Generator (Docgen)

Available in Orcanos 4.0

Ability to generate documents from Orcanos web

To generate document:

1.  Select document on product tree

2.  Right click, and select “Export To Word Document”

3.  On the Document configuration screen, select the Docgen configuration (settings)

4.  Update your settings:

Word Template (.dotx) – Select Word template, or upload your template

Document generator details

  • Item – select the document (or any other node) to generate
  • Revision – Select a previously created tag, the default is Head (Current)
  • Work Items – select work items type to print
  • Print Levels – select the tree heading level (1-10)


  • Override Item Description Font – select a font to override existing paragraph’s font
    • Font
    • Font Size
  • Space between Paragraphs – space between each printed work item
  • Orientation – portrait/landscape
  • Section direction – RTL/LTR, default is LTR

Additional settings

  • Print Item Key On Header – will print item key on printed item heading (name)
  • Don’t Print Paragraph Key – id checked – will not print key for paragraphs
  • Include attachments – print table of work item attachments (names only)

Table of content

  • Include table of content – add TOC at the beginning
  • TOC level – Set level of TOC

Test cases

  • Include test steps – will print test steps table
  • Print upper/lower limit – include columns upper/lower limit in the steps table




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