QPack Desktop Release Notes

Bugs and Improvements

Add more checks for relations recursion, both for source and target items
Improve Login screen UI (Build 187)
Docgen – Allow generating document from the HTML source and not the MSWord source (as in some cases MSWord description is not generated well) (
Show run parameters in Execution History report
Resolve duplicated results in execution history (copy as link)
Changing from FTP to HTML mode is not converting images in discussion (Build 188)
Can’t see sources in source tab (Build 187)
When trying to login without entering a password – no massage is presented to the user. Need to Display a massage so the user knows the reason for not being signed in (Build 187)
In some cases, Defects are not retrieving when filtering by version, due to version padding
Duplicate results in execution history due to copy as link
‘Traceability report sometimes incorrect (Build 187)
Fix/Found version operator not contain “Less than” (Build 187)


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