QPack E-Sign Email Notifications

The Esign feature in QPack enables email notifications to be sent during the routing process to the users in the hierarchy about the status of the document. The Email comprises the following sections – Event, Subject, and Body & Actions

E-Sign Complete

The E-Sign Complete email from QPack indicates that the routing process is completed. The routing process is considered to be complete even though the routing process may be rejected. For example, let us consider a routing process which requires two levels of approval. The person in the first level approves the process, but the person in the second level rejects the process. This process is still considered as completed. Two emails are received from QPack – the first email indicates that the QPack DMS item has been rejected and the second email indicates that the routing process has been completed. The emails are sent only to people who participated in the process. The structure off the email is as follows

Subject – E-Sign Completed: Routing process <Process Name> that started on <starting date> was <process status>.

Body – The body has the following message and link – “You can check Process log at Process Preview.”

If rejected, the subject of the email appears as shown – E-Sign Completed: Routing process Service Call Final Signoff that started on 7/16/2014 11:00:52 AM was completed (Rejected).

1.  Click the Process Preview link in the email. The following page is displayed.

Note: Viewing the process requires an authentication.


The process review allows the user to see what happened in the process of completion.

E-Sign Rejected

The E-Sign Rejected email from QPack is sent when anyone of the participant in the routing process rejects the process. The email has the following structure:

Subject: E-Sign Rejected: <ID of the item that was rejected><name of the item>E-Signed & rejected.

Body: The body of the email has two sections: A link to the file itself (the person who is to fix the file can click on the link) and a link to the process preview.


The rejection email is sent out to all participants in the routing process. You can click the cover letter to see the complete details about the process.

E-Sign Waiting

The waiting email from QPack requires the intended person to perform an action. This email is sent out based on the routing process to the next stake holder, who needs to perform the next E-Sign action. If there is an alternate person to do the work, this email is sent to the alternate person as well.

Subject: E-Sign Waiting: The following <name of the file> is waiting for your signature.

Body: The body of the email has a link to the file/record, the name of the file/record, and a link to sign it directly from the email.


You can click the Sign link to sign the file/record electronically.

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