QPack Web Release Notes –

Performance Significant performance improvement on login, dashboard and filters
Security Improvements in the support of security
Filters & Views Add option to freeze first column in grid of filter results
Admin.Soluiton Filter by name, show active/no active for solution (same as project)
Main Screen Click on projects selector (Combo) will select all text (of project/solution name)
Treeeview.Search The system brings the first search result on the project tree up to the user on the Mid screen location so user can perform actions immediately
Treeview.Search When no result found on search in tree view a message should show up to the user
Hebrew Support Improvements to Right-To-Left Support – search text box in Service Center
DMS.Revisions Show indication on “Revisions” tab when revisions exist for DMS item
DMS Allow copy as link for DMS item
Admin.Data Sharing Show the excluded items in data sharing, in addition to the existing grid
Work Items Add new system field “Last Discussion” that shows the last discussion value for specific work item
Filters & Views Add criteria “IS EMPTY” for text type fields
Filters & Views Add indication on filter name if it was created in Desktop (suffix “Desktop”)
Filters & Views Make Filters actions in “Work Items” main menu visible at all times
Test Execution Close test run screen while running test shows a confirmation message to user
Test Cases Allow copy and paste test steps between test cases
Alerts Show all alerts and filters in alerts management
TAG Creation Will now also tag the attachments/revisions
DMS Add more permissions management to DMS Admin
Work Items Show warning message when user leaves edit mode without saving
Dashboard When panel is open in full screen mode put the panel name on the top center area of the ful screen panel
Test Execution Running test from “execution set” tab under test case (on view mode) – will get back to the execution set tab
Email Notifications All fields are now available as merge fields in email notification
Work Items When “email current/all page” in work items grid – hyperlink added to each item in first column
Execution History Allow filter by each column, including test run parameters

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