Related items breakdown


Track the related items breakdown of selected filter results


For example: Run a filter for all system requirements, and this report will show the related items breakdown by each type.

We have 200 items and some of them have relations to test cases (50), some for detail design (25)

10 items have relation to Detail design and Test case

*** If an item has 2 relations of the same type (for example test case) – it counts as 1

Output chart

We will have a bar chart of the following columns (Breakdown by item type and relation type as well)

X axis/ Y axis Covered Not covered Total
Test case – link type 1 30 170 200
Test case – link type 2 50 150 200
Detail design – link type 1 25 175 200


Add new dashboard panel and click “Related item breakdown”

On the input screen, select the following input params

The report will be shown as follows:

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