Revisions Management

The Version control in Orcanos enables you to track the files over time. It helps you to manage the document review process by creating and maintaining multiple versions of a document. You can also revert the file back to the previous version without any new changes that has been made to the document. This is particularly helpful during the review process.

When the work item is imported to the workspace, by default the version A1 is created in the Revisions tab.

To add new revision, simply click on the Add button at the bottom right, or drag and drop the file

By default the routing state of these versions are in “Draft”.

To download the document, click the “Download” icon corresponding to the required document.

To delete the document, click the “Delete” icon corresponding to the required document.

When a new routing process is started for a document, a new version of the document is uploaded. The revision and the version number in this case is changed to “B1″ and the state of the routing process is “Draft”. This can be done only if the status of the previous routing process is “Approved”.

The users cannot upload a new revision when the status of the DMS Item is “In Work”.

The routing process can be applied only to the most recent revision and change number.

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