Test Execution


The Execution set reflects the work plan where the test is being participated. Since one test can be performed for different objectives it is required to allow the use of the same test in several execution sets, such could be ATP, Sanity, Functional, Regression, Progression, Load, Stability etc. Execution set is a place where not only the tests can be executed but also you can organize the correct sequence in which these test should be performed.

The Execution Set grid section is the place where the test cases are executed. You can add test cases to the Execution Set to be executed.


To add a test case to an execution set

In the Execution Set work item, click Add from the “Test Run Suite” section. The following page is displayed.

Select the test case to be included and click the “Add” icon. This adds the test case to the Execution Set.

Note: The test that is used in more than one Execution Set has on the test case work item an additional tab. User will be able to execute the test directly from the test case work item.

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