Alerts, notifications and task automation

Add and Manage Email Notifications

Creating an Email Notification

1.  Go to Admin Admin > Alerts, Notifications and Task automation > Email Notifications. The following page is dispalyed.


2.  Click Add. The following page is displayed.


3.  Select the required event from the Event dropdown list.

4.  Select the required email template from the Email Template dropdown list.

5.  If you wish to notify the assigner, select the Notify Assigner checkbox.

6.  If you wish to notify the creator, select the Notify Creator checkbox.

7.  Add the required notifiers.

8.  Click Save.

Adding Notifiers

1.  From the Notifiers section, click Add. The following page is displayed.


2.  Select the type of notifier from the Notifier Type dropdown list. The following are the notifier types:

  • Distributor List
  • Group
  • User

3.  Select the required notifier from the Notifier dropdown list.

4.  Click Save. This creates the notifiers as shown.


Note: More than one notifier can be added to the same event.

5.  To delete the notifier, click the orcanos_delete icon corresponding to the notifier.

Viewing the Event Details

1.  Click the orcanos_service_view icon corresponding to the event to view the details.

Modifying the Event Details

1.  Click the edit_routing icon corresponding to the event to modify the details.

2.  Update the required details and click Save.

Deleting the Event Details

1.  Click the delete_step icon corresponding to the event to delete.

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