Electronic Signature

Add Signers into the Routing Process


This option allows adding approvers and reviewers to the routing process.


  • Select the Admin> Electronic Signature> Routing Process
  • Click on the View icon corresponding to the process to view the process detail page.
  • Users can see all the details of the Routing process here with the Add Signer button.
  • Click Add Signer Button
  • Manage Signer popup window is displayed with the following fields:
    • Signer Type: Select the type of signer (User/Group) from the Signer Type dropdown list.
    • Signer Name: Select the name of the signer from the Signer Name dropdown list.
    • Quality Role: Select the role of the signer (Reviewer/Approver) from the Quality Role dropdown list. You can add new Quality Role from System tables
    • Mandatory: Selecting the Mandatory checkbox to make the signer mandatory. The First Signer is set Mandatory by default.
    • Alternate Signer Name: Select the alternate signer if required from the Alternate Signer Name field.
    • Signer Order: Select the required signing order
      • After Previous: Signer is required to sign/review after the signer(Before the Current Signer in the Routing Process) signs/reviews.
      • With Previous: Signer can sign along with the Previous Signer in the Routing Process
  • Edit: Allows to Edit Signer Details
  • Delete: Allows to Remove the Signer from the Routing Process
  • Move Up: Allows to move the Signer up by Order 1 in the Routing Process
  • Move Down: Allows to move the Signer down by Order 1 in the Routing Process


Signer Order After Previous are listed in different rows i.e at different levels

Signer Order With Previous are listed in same row i.e at same levels

All the Signers at the same Level Marked Mandatory or Not, Alternate Signers if defined will receive the E-Sign waiting mail. At Same Level, any of the Signer can Sign in any order

Once all the Signers at the same Level Signs, then the next level Signers receive the E-Sign waiting mail


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