Work Items Pool (Bcklog)

Add Work Item to Pool (backlog)

1.  Go to Work Items tab > Action Items.

2.  Click new_pool_item button. The following page is displayed.


3.  Enter the name of the pool item in the Name field.

4.  Select the person to whom the pool item is assigned from the Assigned To dropdown list.

5.  Select the priority from the Priority dropdown list.

6.  Select the category to which the pool item belongs from the Category dropdown list.

7.  Select the start date from the Start Date field.

8.  Select the due date from the Due Date field.

9.  Select the status of the pool item from the Status dropdown list.

10. Enter the description of the pool item in the Description field.

11. Click Save. This creates the pool item.

Note: The pool item resides in the root of the project and not on under a child item. Also, the pool item does have a version Id.

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