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Orcanos Alerts management allows you to define periodic alerts sent to the user based on existing Views (filters).

For example, an alert of filter “All My Active Defects” or “All Documents need to be signed”, can be sent every SUNDAY to the R&D/RA group.

This enables a robust mechanism to minimize the number of emails sent on each change, and focus on sending list of items once a day, so in the above example, user will get an email with list of defects that are assigned to him and are still open, or email with list of documents that need to be signed, since the e-sign due date has passed.


In order to create an alert, follow these steps:

  • First Create a View, for example, “All Open bugs”, or “All requirements without test case traceability”.
  • Select Admin > Notifications and Task automation > Alerts 
  • Alerts Management Page is displayed with the list of existing Alerts, if any.
  • Click on Add Icon at the Bottom Right Side of the Page
  • Add Alert Page is displayed with the Following Fields
    • Name – Indicate the Alert name
    • Project – Select the specific project
    • Work Item – Select the specific work item
    • Filter – Select the filter (view) for which you wish to get the alert.
    • Active – Check or un-check the checkbox to set the alert as active/not active
    • Description – Enter the text for alert description
    • Alert Frequency – Select period (daily or weekly)
    • Time to send email – The time in a day when the alert is sent
    • Expiration date – Alert expire date (can be set to never expire by selecting “This alert should not expire” checkbox)
    • Send to users – You can select target users/groups to whom you like to send the alerts. If a group is selected, then email will be sent to all users belonging to the group.
  • Press Save Button and Alert gets created

Alert is sent only if the filter returns results.


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