Agile Scrum

Crunching on Your Agile Release to Get More Control

In case you are planning on using Agile Scrum methodology or already using one it could be the case that you have made some adaptations to the common practice to fit it to your ability to use it. One way we found that is very practical is that we want to measure our Sprint Activity based on the status of each User Story.

A best practice process flow seen by most of our customers to work for them was

New Task is in the backlog and not assigned
Approved for work Task is allocated into a sprint
Done Task is being completed by the development team
Verified Task is being tested and verified by the testing team

In Orcanos system any work item that needs to be controlled by the sprint must have the sprint custom field (Add Sprint Custom Field) included in the work item form. Once that is done the system will automatically calculate the burndown with the allocated work item.

Now you can generate a nice report that shows all the sprints and their related work items based on their status. As a sprint manager, you wish to make sure that the leg on between the time the development completed the sprint to the time testing group cover that same sprint does not leave any User Story left behind not covered by the testings group. As we like to say every sprint deliver 1 working system.

You can generate the following report by creating a filter from All projects to include your Agile program list items and present each sprint content. As a manager, you would want to see your planned sprint vs. your released sprint vs. the sprint everyone is working on and make sure that nothing was left unattended.

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