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Email Notification on Start Discussion

Emails play the vital Role to keep the company and its users updated on any discussion started. Admin can create new Email Notifications. Different email notifications can be created by the user and sent for any work items activity.

Orcanos provides the email notification facility to start discussion on any workitems like, Execution set, Test case, Defect etc.

To send and receive the email notifications for any workitem, user needs to setup the Email Template, Events and the Email Notifications

Creating a Notification

1.  Go to Admin > Alerts, Notifications and Task automation > Email Notifications.

Inline image 1

The following page is displayed.

Inline image 2

2.  Click Add. The following page is displayed.

Inline image 3
3.  Select the required Event for which the notification is available from the Event dropdown list.

4.  Enter the name of the template in the Email Template field.

(Note: See the page for more details of Email Templates)

5. Select the Notify Assignee checkbox, if you want to send the email notification to the workitem assignee.Otherwise you can leave this.

6. Select the Notify Creator checkbox. if you want to send the email notification to the email notification creator. Otherwise you can leave this.

7. In the notifiers section, to add the notifier, click on Add. The following popup displayed.

Inline image 4

8. Select Notifier Type from the dropdown list.

9. Select Notifier names from the dropdown list.

10. Click Save to add the notifiers in the email notification. It will display look like this:

Inline image 7
11. Click Save to create the email notification on email notification page.

12. Now, When user will add discussion for any work item, email notification will be received by the related users.

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