Install And Upgrade (on-premise)

Establish Test Server on Production Server

It is possible, but not recommended to use the same server for testing

Following are the steps:

  • Backup Orcanos database
  • Create new database called QPackTest and restore it from the qpack backup
  • Under ~program files (x86), add new folder: qpackTest
  • Copy ~program files/qpack/QPackServ and QPackWeb folders to ~program files/QPackTest
  • Copy ~program files/qpack/qpack.xml to ~program files/qpackTest

On IIS, build 2 applications under Orcanos:

  • QPackServTest to point to ~program files/qpackTest/QPackServ
  • WebTest to point to ~program files/qpackTest/QPackWeb

On QPackTest folder:

  • Change the qpack.XML – point XML to QPackTest database
  • under \QPackTest\QPackWeb, change the web.config to call QpackServTest instead of QPackServ

In order to test: open browser and type http://server/qpack/webTest

In order to work with QPackEX, copy the new QPack.xml to ~users/[your user name]/qpack


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