Gantt for project management

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In addition to Orcanos R&D activities, Quality Management and traceability, it now provides Gantt for project management.

Orcanos Gantt provides a tool to build simple Gantt charts for projects, sync them with Orcanos database

How does Orcanos Gantt work

It actually functions as a Gantt, you can create projects (which are NOT Orcanos projects), add tasks, manage progress, dependencies, assignments, critical path and more, but the advantage of using Orcanos Gantt is in the native integration to Orcanos system, where you can sync Orcanos items into Gantt and track traceability, planning, and progress in one solution.

Orcanos Gantt is composed by three main subparts/editors: the tasks grid on the left, the Gantt editor on the right, and the detailed task editor in popup screen, used also for resources and assignments.

Getting started with OrcanosGantt

First, enable the Gantt application on your account

Goto Admin panel

  • Open The Applications under Data sharing and settings

  • Check the Gantt option

Note: You can exclude Gantt from specific groups

  • Next, you need to create a project in Gantt.

Note: Only admin users can create Gantt projects.

Create Gantt project

On main menu in Orcanos, select Gantt

Gantt application opens in a different tab

Click on the Gantt project list icon

And click New Project button

The new project screen opens, and you can setup which groups can work on that Gantt project

Name your project and setup the permissions to Orcanos groups

Click Save and your project is now created

Managing Gantt Permissions from Orcanos Admin Panel

You can manage permissions from the Gantt application or from Orcanos admin

In the admin panel->Users and groups->Groups, select specific group, and open the Gant Permissions tab

First – select the specific project. Then, set the permissions to this project

  • Add Gantt item – allow user to create items in Gantt (or sync items from Orcanos to the Gantt)
  • Delete Gantt item – delete Gantt item
  • Login and view – View only

Sync item from Orcanos to Gantt

You can select work item in Orcanos, any item, and add it to the Gantt using the More actions:

You will be popup with  a screen to select the relevant Gantt project

Item will be added as the last item in the Gantt

Adding Sprint to Gantt

If you add a sprint, the sprint will be added and all related items will be added underneath

If you add a task later on to the sprint – you will need to add it to the Gantt using the more actions. Orcanos will know to locate it under relevant sprint

Change item sprint in Orcanos

When changing the sprint for an item

  • if target sprint exists in Gantt – change the parent of the item to the target sprint on gantt, so the item will be relocated in Gantt
Chang in items in Orcanos that exists in Gantt

Changing status of item in Orcanos

  • If new status is in Completed mode – the % completion on gantt changes to 100%
  • If new status is in Active mode
    • If old status is complete – the % completion on gantt changes to 0%
    • If old status is Active – no change on Gantt

Assignee change in Orcanos affects the Gantt

Adding Execution Sets/Groups to Gantt

If Execution group is added, all descendants execution sets will be added automatically underneath

The % completion of the execution set in Gantt is derived from the actual executed test cases

If Execution set contains 10 test cases, and 4 of them were executed, then % completion in Gantt will be 40%

Changes in Gantt items which derived from Orcanos

Only dates will be sync from Gantt to Orcanos

Delete Item in Orcanos which exists in Gantt

Item will be marked as deleted in Gantt

Embed Gantt

Orcanos provides the ability to embed Gantt project in Orcanos Dashboard, using the Project Edit screen->share

General Gantt functionality

  • Ability to freeze start/end date of task (Milestone) so user cant change it
  • Show critical path
  • Manage multiple assignees for single task
  • Manage dependencies
  • Manage progress
  • Gantt Status flow (not related to Orcanos status flow)
  • Status Failed = Item deleted in Orcanos
    • any status-> STATUS_DONE:  may activate dependent tasks, both suspended and undefined. Will set to done all descendants.
    • STATUS_SUSPENDED -> STATUS_ACTIVE : sets to active all children and their descendants that have no inhibiting dependencies.
    • STATUS_DONE -> STATUS_ACTIVE: all those that have dependencies must be set to suspended.
    • STATUS_FAILED -> STATUS_ACTIVE: nothing happens: child statuses must be reset by hand.
    • any status-> STATUS_SUSPENDED: all active children and their active descendants become suspended. when not failed or forced
    • any status-> STATUS_UNDEFINED: all active children and their active descendants become suspended. when not failed or forced.
    • any status-> STATUS_FAILED: children and dependants are set to failed.