Install And Upgrade (on-premise)

On-premise installation

In this article we will introduce you with several steps that will help you start working with Orcanos.

This article will provide you with all relevant information required to understand the most essential first steps needed to get started.

  • Server Prerequisites:
  • Download Orcanos System- you can register and download Orcanos from here:
  • Install Orcanos is quite easy – just few clicks (see installation guide here)
  • After Orcanos is installed, a browser opens with 2 links. one for Orcanos Desktop and one for Orcanos Web. You can work with either one, as they both operate on the same central repository.
    • If you wish to open this link again, browse to http://[yourserver]/orcanos/orcanosdownloader.html.
    • Any new user should open this link in order to install Orcanos Desktop.
    • The Orcanos Web Client does not require installation, and you can open it directly: http://[yourserver]/orcanos/web
  • To enter a new license key – follow instructions here
  • The first time you install the Desktop client you will be prompt with Orcanos Connection settings window, asking you to put Orcanos Server Name. Just put the server name in the text box and click Save
  • Default credentials:
    • user: guest
    • password: 1234
  • If you wish to enter the admin in Orcanos Web with other users – you need to set up your user to be admin (how to setup my Orcanos user to be admin)
  • You can Register to Orcanos Community in order to get online help from Orcanos community or use Orcanos Resource Center user manuals and forums
  • You can use Orcanos interactive tutorials in order to get started (the is the small widget at the bottom of Orcanos Web screen with the label “Need Help?“)


  • You have the professional edition available for 30 days


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