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Orcanos DMS (Document Control Software) Tutorial


Orcanos DMS (Document Control) allows you to store, manage and track revisions of documents, along with electronic signature.

This tutorial will take you through the basic steps required in order to start working with Orcanos Document Control.

You can also see a short movie in Orcanos Medical Youtube Channel about ORCANOS Document Control. You can also download ORCANOS QMS presentation

For more details, and short tutorial videos – visit our website

Select Document Control Icon from Main Menu Icon


We recommend that you would review the FAQ about Orcanos Document Control before you start

The first step is to analyse the existing document structure, before importing. The import action is usually done with a click of a button after you reorganize files and folders.

We recommend to follow these steps:

  • Create a copy of your existing QMS in a separate location. We will work on that folder
  • Remove all obsolete files
  • Rearrange files/ folders as you wish to structure them in ORCANOS DMS database in hierarchic order.
  • The initial upload will be the baseline. We recommend keeping the current file name during the first upload (for example 7.3.2_My_product_SRS_V_A.4_approved.docx)

Note: You actually don’t need to add revision number, status, or internal number to the file name, as system will manage this for you, but its recommended to keep it for baseline purposes

  • In Orcanos Admin, build meta data (custom fields) for the DMS Item, according to your needs. We recommend to manage a custom field for your manual numbering mechanism for future reference, for example, name the field Internal Numbering. We can disregard this field in the future.
  • Build the main workspace – call it QMS, or DMR Master, or any other name you wish. Such topics will hold the files for future reference.


Use Orcanos online DMS import to upload all your documents.

Note: If your Orcanos account version is and lower – Use the import/export tool of Orcanos to import your entire QMS into Orcanos.

  • All selected files and folders will be created and structure uploaded with the files
  • To see the imported files – open “Document Control” in the Main Menu
  • The initial revision will be set to A.1. Routing status will be “Draft

You can also add files manually as follows:

  • Select a DMS Folder as parent
  • Add new DMS Item
  • In the Revision section of the new DMS item – add a file by drag and drop


In order to create a baseline, we will sign all documents (providing that all imported documents are approved/released). This will be our baseline ready to be signed for the first time using ORCANOS e-sign, we need to do some basic Admin actions.

Build a routing process
  • Enter Admin and add new routing process
  • Add a Single Signer process in order to sign all documents in the initial baseline

Note: Users must be part of the Document Control Project.

Start Routing and e-sign
  • Open the “Electronic Signature” Tab in the main menu
  • Click Start routing
  • Start Routing window opens
    • Select the routing process
    • Select Filter (View) – that will include all related files for baseline, select the “All items” filter
    • Select documents to sign by clicking the Checkbox. In our case, we need to sign all documents, so select documents in bulk of 100 (the maximum page size)
  • Click Start. E-sign process will start, sending email to the first signer
    • You can sign directly from email
    • You can sign from the “Electronic Signature” tab
    • You can sign from the DMS Item view clicking on the “Sign” button on item toolbar
  • Once signed, item will be routed to the next signer. If it’s a single signer process, e-sign of the document will end


Now that you have a baseline, you can manage changes. To change a file –

  • Download a file to change
  • Make necessary changes
  • Change the file name (no need to add revision number, status, or internal number to the file name. system will manage this for you). Remember to change the DMS Item name of that file also to match the same file name you have renamed to.
  • Upload it back by Drag & Drop.
  • Approve the new name

A new revision will be set to the document (B.x)


You can now go to the Dashboard and add new dashboards, panels to track your DMS items

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