Web Release Notes

Orcanos Web Release Notes

Feature Description
Add/edit filter screen Filter by Source indication  is not working
Start Routing Unable to start routing for DMS item that has Copy As Link somewhere else
Save as PDF Error when trying to merge two PDF files
Grid View Not all indication are shown correctly
Data Sharing Settings Project order is not alphabetic
Steps grid – upper/lower limit Measure shall be numeric only
User settings View Work iTem form is not displaying date according to user sysytem’s setting
Service Cetner The custoemr site is not updated correctly when changing customer
Grid search Search on grid not working when search text contains ‘
UI Tool tip should be one line and not 2 lines
Add/edit filter screen System drop down shows irrelevant item type list
Dashboard add existing panel – Not working when Existing Panel added is made Private by the user
Add/edit filter screen Version Displayed on View Screen just after adding the Item is not correct
Service Center Management When external user enters service center – he gets error running filters
Emails images in discussion in emails are not comming
Add/edit item Add Item from tree contains wrong list.
Alerts management Trying to add new notified to Email notification takes long time.
Add item to treeview No Validation on End Date/Start Date
Add Item When only image is placed in the defect the validation message on description is not correct
Email template Getting error when trying to add email template with special chars
Mandatory rules Mandatory Field list gets blank on performing multiple updates(No Deletion performed)
Test run history the test execution history in execution set doesnt show correct values
Document Control (DMS) Drag drop is not working for DMS revision, but work from add revision hyperlink
Cover letter change revision history Fix cover page
Document Control (DMS) When DMS item is selected – open the revisions tab as default and not the details
Start Routing Cover letter sometimes shows action item and not DMS as prefix
Add link to QpackDMSImportExportSetup.zip  addons downloads Dms export/ import download should use http and not ftp
ORCANOS | Web Dashboard drilldown is not working for hebrew value
System Configuration Removing status from status reference table cause error if status is default
Service calls – customers SQL error when pressing on Service Center (For new DB when there is no SC reproted)
Add customer list field in service call work item in embedded fields Customer List Customer Site   Are missing from Service Call Work Item. Need to be able to embed that information onto the email template.
Test run history View cant create filters on test run, based on dates
Fields layout history remarks is removed in risk fields layout but i see it in risk add/edit
System tables when adding values to system table and no field is selected as default – set the first one to be default
Views (Filter) Management Wrong date condition when selecting “Is Empty” is selected
Test run history View Reassign test in execution set should contain the value “Logged User”
Projects & solutions Adding project to solution – add only active projects that dont exist in the solution
Test run history View Execution set run test permissions
Groups Permission of type “Add tag” is not working
Views (Filter) Management upper/lower limit/measure values are not shown on test run report under work items
Upper/lower limit report in dashboard upper/lower dashbaord reports are not working all the time
Work Items Bin Combo sorting order is not as defined in admin
Filter Saved as Group Shared with Groups Filter is not working
Traceability setup (relations) filter by columsn on admin->traceabilty setup is not working. make sure also hebrew works
ORCANOS | Web Share Email Does not contains images.
New Checkin/checkout method Branch items that have copy as link cause error
ORCANOS | Web web export to excel file limited to 1000 rows only
View the Cover Letter Effective Date in Revision gets blank for Obsolete Files
Work items Fix default name of Document item
ORCANOS | Web Unable to renew Password, never get cleared
ORCANOS | Web Risk Reports are not visible all time. Risk after/befor mitigation
Filter by item Filter by item is not working
ORCANOS | Web CKeditor get auto height in chrome in discussion screen.
Data Sharing And Settings Data sharing for modules – sont show “Dashboard” if project is selected
Mass Update Unable to do Mass Update to multi selection field
Dashboard Error message in test run filter drill down
Groups in admin Not able to delete the user from distributor list
Item Discussion/Chat TAB Links are not clickable when given in same line
Add Item The Add operation does not work if the selected item on the product tree does not have ADD operation as well
ORCANOS | Web Change User Groups delete entries from project_groups table
Dashboard Cant add same chart to 2 different dashbaords
Section 10: Filter By Item Item name not displayed on adding the item from Project
Adding Predefined Panel Type: “FMEA Settings” Scalar FMEA setting are not correctly displayed in Panel
Data Sharing Settings Changes are not saved correctly in sharing modules
Add buttons Import/Export on admin process flow and project workflow Fail in export service call workflow from customization to service center project
Edit is available to user who have permission to edit public filters Edit Link is not visible for the User who has permission to edit the Public filters
License Management when change user to not active license managemetn list is not updated
Save file as PDF on Approve e-sign Missing PDF for Obsolete files
Execution set tab when selecting execution set group and refresh – default tab is history and not overview (details)
Revision management Management of effective date is not correct
Display mandatory fields Removal of Extend Condition from Mandatory Field Rule is not working properly
System Settings Max Length not implemented in View Mode
Add “OnlineDoc Edit” button to product tree toolbar The style of the online doc generated is different from the product tree
Handle dynamic filters when Export for view Generate the dynamic filter should apply only for “generate for view” and not “generate for edit”
Filter Order by Version Filter order by Version is not working
Export and Item that includes Dynamic Fields should present the fileds values and not the field place holders Go Link is not working for Dynamic filters (Doc for View)
Add new panel “Recent Items” Open Hyperlink and Tree View for Recent Items in the New Tab
ORCANOS | Web Defects appear in multiple times (filter and view attached) when user criteria contains or condition
Fields layout Can’t remove Parent Item Id from defect layout
Display mandatory fields Not able to Edit Mandatory Field Rule
When email current page – need the option to add a url to each record Email Current Page option not working for “Test Run” TAB
Build Organizational Structure Panel Place the Scrollbar at the Bottom of the Full Screen in the Organizational Structure
Show item revision when add traceability Defect Revision is missing in Traceability
Dashboard Stacked Bar Plot of RPN is sorted “alphabetically”
Revision management Effective date is incorrect
Download PDF after Signing the Doc/PDF File The Time stamp is missing in Download PDF for Obsolete files in DMS
Dashboard Graph colors have problem
Add relations from relations tab Adding traceability between defect to service call is duplicated
Cover letter changes The approval table contains all cancelation info and not just the last started routing process.
Execution set tab execution set history shouldnt show the step
Email notifications Dont allow to add email notification with same event and template
Relation filter query Filter fail when trying to filter by traceability (by item type)
Process Flow tab under project Change in status does not update the Assign To automaticly (Edit Mode)
Add Process Flow for Item Type Default process Flow not implemented for Test Case
Filter Criteria operand “Not In” operand for numeric is not defined in the task
ORCANOS | Web Configuring items hierarchy is having problem
ORCANOS | Web user with read only permissions has the capability to edit step description by Doubleclick on step( opens for edit)
System Table value saved with Space or special character New Value button is missing in some System Tables
Bug Verification TAB Bug Verification should list the execution set and test case from which defect was reported
Work Item Permission can’t see Run test permission in Execution iiem
Add new document Revision link on the revision tab DMS revision file name does not support Hebrew names   ????????????
ORCANOS | Web Can’t add image to item desription
View the Cover Letter HEBREW file name is missing in the Cover letter
Run Test from Test Case Run Icon and execution set link are opened to Dashboard
Organizational Reports tool tip should not be cut off by the window borders
Add/Edit alert screen Alerts are not working for Test Run Work Item
ORCANOS | Web On the DMS when creating tag if there is copy as link child DMS it’s does not get tagged
Item TABs Management Error when no item tab selected
Save file as PDF on Approve e-sign Effective date is missing on the PDF cover letter
Work Item Permission Execute all test and run test permissions are not seen for execution group
Add tests to execution set No Confirmation message when adding the test cases from Paragraph for which some test cases were already added
Del item from tree Freeze Work Items missing icon indication on the Tree and on the Item tool bar
System Settings Password Agging(Days) set is not working.
Alerts management Pressing the GO link from ALERT(created for Test Run) report does not display the result
Freeze status management System allow to check out item even if it in freeze state
ORCANOS | Web Freeze columns with more than 10 records makes browser hang.
search on system table values description/code Long Status Code generated on deleting and adding the same status again
Test run history View View in Test Run gives error  when filter with some specific criteria
Revision management User can add file without suffix as revision
Refresh Auto refresh should be placed at bottom of the page in Grid and traceability matrix Panel
Add Attachment File Error on Drag and Drop to attach the File
Filter Criteria Operand for Date Filter Criteria “Today” is not working
ORCANOS | Web Release Version accepting the Decimal Values which gives error
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