Web Release Notes

Orcanos Web Release Notes (April 2016)

New Features

Feature Description
Treeview Allow copy as link also for test case
Relations tab Color traceability from old version in grey
Add attachment Add error log to web log file
Traceability Have SOURCE and TARGET indication in trace mode
Add user Add date format settings to new user profile
Data sharing and settings Remove Project combo from exclude modules
Convert item Allow convert item type
Views/Filters Allow show description in filter grid results
Source Control Integration Change source files tab grid layout
Cover letter Column Layout change for on the “Change Revision” table column width  in order to increase the description column width to max posible
Cover letter Remove the Time stamp from the date format on every date indication on the cover letter
REQ-23193: View Item Add code value to results

Bug Fixes

Feature Description
Docgen Should support all dynamic fields
Tree view The Paste option displays the Work Item Code instead of Custom Code
Docgen Fix Yellow color of export risk
Filters/Views Filter By Description Gives Error
Docgen When generating a document in DocGen using the WEB filter , the Description field is not printed
Filters/Views Filter By Dates sometimes not working
Tree view Not able to Drag and Drop the Item back to Original Position
Tree view Able to copy execution set across Projects if the execution set is in some other Work Item Type
Filters/Views The Specify criteria for the custom fields with Users reference table is not working properly
Traceability management Remove Link Type “Copy As Link” from the Traceability
Mandatory Field Rule Incomplete message on setting the invalid value as empty in Mandatory Field Rule
System Settings Change Password after Password Aging is updated is not working
Filters/Views Unable to create private filter when group of users are granted that permission
History Tab Date Format are not Same in History(Original Value, New Value)
Attachments File missing on uploading file with same name but different Type
Revision management Improper Structure of Table on Adding the Revision
E-Sign Mismatch of “Started On” dates for Routing Process
Chat Unable to invite to CHAT the external user that created the work item.
Cover letter Bullets/Number in Cover Letter Description is not properly displayed
Test Run History in some cases, Results of deleted execution retrieve from view
Document Control (DMS) Approve document ends with error but creates the PDF and change status to approved
Export Go Link is not working for Dynamic filters (Doc for View)
Filters/Views Remove Is Empty/Is Not Empty option for the Version Field
Test run history View Test key URL link in Test run filter is wrong
Dashbaord Action column should not include Product Tree for Defect Grid
Dashbaord The link for defect raised when test execution are not working
Dashbaord Back Button is not working on Dashboard
Attachments History for Attachment Description update does not support HEBREW names
Filters/Views Description field is missing in the Field  Chooser
Traceability management No History is recorded on updating the Traceability
System Settings Disable major.minor settings in admin->system settings is not working
Process flow Remove QPack System from List of Auto Assign users
Risk management Cannot create risk items with same name, but copying and renaming is possible
Attachments Version recorded in History on adding Attachment, traceability is incorrect
Revision management DMS routing state change to ‘Draft’ if updating item field
Share Item The Email subject contains the Work Item code instead of Custom Code for the Work Item
Export Export Current Page +Selected filter not working
Service Center Management Customer list REF table includes also NOT ACTIVE customers
Users User need to click twice on TAB in order to move from password field to retype password field
Users When making user de active , Alternate user list should not contain admin user
Users Sort the Customer Name in Add/Edit Screen in Alphabetical order
Mandatory Field Rule Not able to define invalid value for Version in Mandatory Field Rule
Versions Adding new item option should be disabled in locked version
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