Web Release Notes

Orcanos Web Release Notes (July 2016)

Features and Improvements

Add freeze icon if item status is freeze status
Update updated by and updated date of execution set
Outdated routing details for signed items when updating approved item
Allow convert Item type
on add/edit user, system should verify that email is unique in all cases
Allow to use the Customer List field also for all work items (not just Service Call)
Export Electronic form: Generate item description with dynamic data (Filters, fields) to HTML, including e-sign details
Send welcome email to new user, manage new user template
Apply freeze state for defects
Show freeze state in filter/search results
Allow self registration of external user (in Service Center)
Add more fields to custom fields pool (total 200)
Clone of execution parameter
Manage dynamic fields to item template in admin
Allow move items between projects
Block option of advance/del/edit project version for Service Center, Document Control
Show customer ID in the customer detail section
Add “Self Registration” hyperlink icon on customer details


“Restore to Default” link is not working in fields layout
add project doesn’t import the risk custom fields
Adding Field to browser tab1 (when 2 tabs are opened in same browser) for Field Layout is not working well
After entering new license key need to refresh license form
After upload file name the is different then the Approved document name, the change in the file name was not logged in the history
All option in Templates is not working
Allow space in First Name and Last Name(Only username should not contain the Space)
can add the attachment, edit the steps for the freeze item
Change history of discussion shows internal chats in email to external users
Correct the message when select Move to Pool/View option without selecting any item
Customer name with Special Characters  creates problem in Google map display
Dashboard Filter is not working with multi language data
Default status is missing for Work Items when Imported Process Flow for all Work Items
Defect Icon is missing on Work Item Details Page(Admin > Customization > Work Items)
Defect id attribute is missing from test run filters
Delete Revision does not update the Routing State
Do not allow Add/Delete option for Risk Table(Severity, Probability, Detectaibility, Risk Level)
Effective Date is incorrect in Revision table of DMS Item
email notification and share – sender should be the last updater/sender/creator
email notification merge field is parsing assign to (shows id)
Error occur when pressing save with no group selected on Process Flow tab under project
Error when trying to save item that already signed
Execution Set Grid -> Test run history – Group by not working
Execution Set Grid containing Actual Result (with data )does not display test run history
Filter By Description Gives Error
Filter on Hebrew grid columns doesnt work
Filtering by test run parameter is not getting right results
Fix “All checkbox” option in Import Process Flow
In right to left profile, the Last bracket moves to first position
Latest Record Exported after updating the Reject Record is not correct
New item type list should be ordered alphabetic
Numeric Custom Field with value more than 400 gives error
Preview Routing Details is not working
Projects Page show also Solutions
Rejecting process make next tag name incorrect
re-link defect from one project to other
Removing status from status reference table cause error if status is default
Reported defect is not updated in test run history
Revision of signed item is always the latest in Electronic Signature Summary Report
Search on Defect “Status” Column is not working
Some of the Fields drag and drop gives error in field Layout
Spelling error when user try to delete the Signed Record
System doesnt enforce esign on status change
System Reference value with “”  tag gives wrong view
system saves password in e-sign form
Tabular RPN Default Settings are wrong in newly created Project/Solution
test run parameter mandatory is not enforced
The Branched Work Item gets checkout automatically
The description column shows HTML tags in email current page
The Filter Owner/Creator should always see the View even if they do not belong to Selected Group
The run version of the execution run is not being passed to the defect FOUND IN VERSION field
The style of the online doc generated is different from the product tree
Update date field fail in old sql server (2005 and less)
User can add Description as a dynamic field
Version of pool items should shown as
View for Specific Run Version also includes the test cases which are Not Run
when hide details for customer – it also hides details for work items
When user name contain space give appropriate message
Wrong Role on Download PDF when alternate signer signs the Document


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