Web Release Notes

Orcanos Web Release Notes (SEP 2016)

New Features And Improvements

Add auto assign value to transition name
Add freeze icon if item status is freeze status
Add new system field Related Items Completion %
Add new work item
Add parameters from existing execution
Add water mark for Approved documents
Allow adding run parameters on demand during test run
Allow export execution set tab grid exactly like in work items
Customer ID in self registration should be read only
Manage test parameters pool for execution set
Move item from project to project/view to pool/pool to view
When mobile – dont show logo on top
When Mobile – fix add button
when mobile – fix the search mode
When mobile – hide the “Goto tree” icon from actions column
when mobile, hide stuff from description on edit mode
when mobile, remove some options from footer

Bug Fixes

Feature Change Description
Add Custom field (management) Need to trim custom fields name
Add new project tool-tip for custom filed in new project is not updated
Add Public/Private Filter Permission User can add View even Add Public/ Private Permissions are not there
Add Risk Mandatory Field Rule Assigned to Field appears twice in Manage Mandatory Field Rule pop-up
Add traceability between defect to service call Improper behaviour on Add Traceabilty in case search result is not found
Attachment Column Details The Created Date for Add Attachment/Add URL is wrong
Data Sharing And Settings Electronic signature is not available
Defect Details linked to Run Test case Branched Defects are shown twice in the Defect Details list linked to the test case
Delete Signed Item Improve message when user try to Delete Signed DMS Item
Download PDF after Signing the Doc/PDF File No Email Received on Completion of Signing of Document
Edit Item Due date and start date values are dependent on each other
Emails & Notifications Change assigner to Assignee in grid and add/edit form on notification
Execution Dashboard The Execution Graph does not show correct data
Export Admin Process Flow Export Single/All Work Items to ALL Projects is not working
Filters The Order By “Initial/Residual” RPN is not working
Freeze Icon for Freeze Item For Freezed Work Item, Freeze Icon is not displayed in Action column
Generate item description to PDF Date format on export not taking user default
Include Traced Item Info Checkbox The selection for Traced Item Info changes on updating the View
Move item from project to project/view to pool/pool to view History comment should include project name and version
Move to View Option, check on Target Location User is able to move the Item to View to the Project for which no permission is there
ORCANOS | Web Don’t allow multiple selection in the Product Tree
ORCANOS | Web Remove  Edit Document Contro and Service Control Project
Projects & solutions Service center and document control project – should always allow single login
Quick Search On Specific Item Quick Search with brackets in name gives error
Relate Users Relate Users pop-up for the Customer shows empty list
Relink Defect Permissions Relink Defect opens the blank project list in case no add/edit defect permission
Run Parameters Parameter added with the “Use Invalid value” set is not working
Search by Original Item ID after Branch Search by Original ID after Branch is not working
Search on Service Call Columns Search on Updated By Column gives Error for Service Call
Show versions tab under project Advance project version added irrelevant tests to executions
Sorting of Columns in Defect View Category Sorting for Defect is not working
Sorting of Columns in Test Run view Assigned To Tester, Ran By Tester sorting in Test Run View gives error
Test Run Tab Test run name is not save correctly in Hebrew
Test Run View Remove “Description” Field in Test Run View from all 3 report levels
Toggle Checkbox Mode in the Product Tree Selection of all child nodes selects the Parent Node automatically
Unit Test No History is recorded for the test step moved in Unit Test Case
User Registration Registered User is not allowed to chat
Users Allow Public chat option is never selected
View to Filter results order by User Names View with Order By user names gives error in the Service Call for the Customer
Views (Filter) Management Edit public filters should apply also for shared groups
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