Desktop Release Notes

QPack Desktop Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Bug Description Fixed In Version
At ‘Execution History’ screen – Filter result include all failed test cases in project, instead of only test cases related to current ‘Execution set’.
Qpack crash when generating big document
Viewers can run test and add defect to it
History tab doesn’t show new items added to document
Cannot generate execution sets
Unable to change the RPN setting in QPack desktop if the matrix is 5×5
Error when filtering execution set by quick search
FTP connection error when loading doc gen
Error when filtering execution set
Adding copy as link item mess item path
Save form is too narrow
Don’t allow to add/edit custom fields with comma (‘)
Can’t add custom field to project
dont allow generate documents for project or solutions
Export to Excel from grid control always export the item description column
Change label in risk settings form
Web created filters are seen in dashboard
Filter of test in execution don’t set default visibility column
Unable to create EXECUTION HISTORY filters
Getting error message when trying to create filter by ITEM TYPE
Error when trying to open graph of execution
Error creating new defect under DEFECT tab of an item
After Branch Message, due to move operation, got error message.
Empty item name when pressing on convert from right click menu
Fixed and found in version list is not full
QPack crash when changing TOC to “-“
Error masage when filtering for ‘No Run Tests’ under execution set
Error when trying to create new project with import workflow
Release note URL is incorrect
Duplicated steps when generating large document
Remove “Execution Run Status” from filter
Default visible columns always seen
Error when pressing on Copy in right click menu
Locking version is not handled well
Error when trying to filter by History Remark
Error when trying to generate in solution
In case earlier version than the current one is LOCKED and there is a need for delete of the item, the system should delete only from current version and on

QPack Features

Main Module Feature Name Version
User application Open bug related execution set in QPack desktop from bug filter results grid
Document Generator Properties TAB Add Use Only Item Description HTML property
Generate document with Word content Add Word Copy Interval timer to properties
Redirecting for error solution When fm20.dll error occur , redirect to forum solution
User Connections Remove send message button
User Logout Don’t allow multi lock when logging out if Force Justified
Stand alone Document Generator Add the ability to save the produce document as attachment
Stand alone Document Generator Add the ability to use Filters that are not just desktop but also WEB filters in the Filter options
Stand alone Document Generator Add ability to upload files
Stand alone Document Generator Make sure that the SETUP can override existing EXE file with new version
Security issues Support Dynamic filters in secured mode
Security issues Suport IIS Images URL extension
User settings form Add Virtual Dir to settings (for cloud customers)
Add the QPack Version into the QPack.Log Add Word version to log file
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