Desktop Release Notes

QPack Desktop Release Notes

Bug Fixes

The generated web format doc is missing data
Pressing on chart button after login crash the app when filter grid is empty
Generate document with results – doesn’t export all results , some steps remain empty while it should have pass/fail results
move item on large tree view (in deskop) takes too long
Can’t order by project name
Need to disable the ‘Add Defect to favirites’ button since this feature is no longer available
Excel export get failed with exception while trying to export filtered execution history run
When work with ‘Word Editor’, after minimize and maximize  the application, always DETAILS data is displayed.
filter by item not working properly in desktop
Goto execution set is not working in main search for defects

New Features

Add test parameter to all project only rather than specific project
Remove the Favorite button from defect toolbar
Rename the DocGen option from Internet Explorer to HTML
Clear add discussion area when item change
Set history grid columns height
Handling empty status value to be reset to default when empty in order to avoid error message


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