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QPack Task Automation – Hook Scripts

In your business, there are numerous everyday activities and processes that need to be done and when automated will save time and effort. For example, when a specific task is completed – trigger set of other tasks. These tasks may be required to be assigned to various team users, based on certain criteria. Also, you may need to send follow up emails to manager, and to other team members, at scheduled intervals.

QPack gives you the option to automate workflow procedures (using events and hook scripts) and set up automatic emails, alerts, and notifications in advance. You can create workflow rules (events) and associate workflow alerts, tasks and field updates with them, using QPack API. Additionally, you can set up service calls escalation rules and also assignment rules for bugs, requirements and service calls.

Hook Scripts are used for QPack automation. They enable you to perform actions outside the system when an event is triggered.

Creating a Hook Script

1.  Go to Admin > Alerts, Notifications and Task Automation > Hook Scripts. The following page is displayed.


2.  Click Add. The following page is displayed.


3.  Enter the name of the script in the Hook Script field.

4.  Select the even from the Event dropdown list.

5.  Enter a brief description of the script in the Description text area.

6.  Enter the command to be executed when the event is triggered in the Command field (such as cscript, wscript).

7.  Click Choose File to upload the script file to be executed.

8.  If you want to overwrite a script that already exists, click Overwrite Script if exists checkbox.

9.  Click Save.

Modifying the Hook Script

1.  Click the edit_routing icon corresponding to the script to be modified.

2.  Update the required details and click Save.

Deleting the Hook Script

1.  Click the orcanos_delete icon corresponding to the script to be deleted.

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